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How to Make Vegetable Chips


About a month ago, I ate almost an entire box of kale chips. My brother and I were visiting our cousin in Brooklyn, and before a very thoughtfully prepared vegan dinner, she put out these kale chips from her local co-op.

With a “cheesy” coating made from nutritional yeast, cashews, garlic, and a few other excellent ingredients, the chips were really, really hard to stop eating.

I just picked up a bunch of lacinato kale yesterday, and with this recent feature on NPR, am ready to start making my own - along with a series of other veggie chips. Read the full article here, and don’t miss the recipes for:

Kale Chips
Smoked Paprika Carrot And Parsnip Chips
Curried Sweet Potato Chips
Simple Salted Beet Chips
Chili-Lime Plantain Chips

What other vegetables can you make chips out of?


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