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Help! My girlfriend is a vegan!

We’ve got to help this guy out.

Food Republic columnist Jason Kessler had a jarring experience with his girlfriend last week:

I had just woken from a very satisfying Sunday nap and she looked at me casually and said the worst thing possible: “I think I’m going vegan.”

I, of course, think this is fabulous. Jason’s culinary skills are going to get even better as he seeks to prepare food that he and his girlfriend can both enjoy. And, they’ll both be healthier and (eventually), happier.

Still, Jason is having the complete opposite reaction:

Am I worried that this is going to be a bigger deal than I anticipate? Absolutely. Most of all, though, I’m just worried that going vegan is contagious.

So, Food Sense readers, we’ve got to help Jason out. The only way he is going to feel better about this is if we give him some delicious dishes he can make for himself and his girlfriend.

Our previously featured Pumpkin Lasagna, General Tsao’s Tofu, Topopo Salad, and Seitan Steaks are pleasing to vegans and non-vegans, alike.

What’s your favorite recipe for mixed groups of eaters? Leave a comment and link(s) below!


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