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August 2011

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Video: How to Make Pesto


A couple weeks ago, I shared a post from the kitchn with 10 lunch ideas, many of which were similar dishes, made distinct by a flavorful sauce or spread - perhaps, a pesto.

Pesto is a key ingredient when it comes to creating variety in quickly-prepared meals. With a batch of pesto in the fridge, you can flavor a sandwich, a pasta, a wrap - and suddenly, one key ingredient has helped you create three separate dishes.

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Creative Takes on Hummus, Vegan Sloppy Joes, and Hope for a Non-Veg Boyfriend

This Week on Food Sense

I didn’t cook much last weekend. It was just one of those weekends - I was out with family, caught up in chores, spending a chunk of time studying, and then packing for a retreat in the Catskills. Before I knew it, it was midnight on Sunday, and I was setting my alarm for 5 AM.

So, going into Friday and another weekend, I am looking forward to a slightly slower pace - one that will allow me to get out to the farmer’s market and the grocery store, and get the ingredients I need to try out some of our freshest additions to Tastemakers.

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What’s wrong with vegan meat?

David Sirota dreads the day his 8-month-old son will grow up to ask him about meat - he is not sure that he is going to be able to explain what’s wrong with it, not when,

the vegetarian aisle subliminally glorifies meat-eating.

While many of these meat substitutes ease the transition to a plant-based diet, and are even enjoyed by some long-time vegans for their heartiness and taste, Sirota worries that,

It teaches them that as tasty as vegetarian food may be, it can never compete with the “real thing.”

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