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July 2011

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Meet Lynn: “I can’t change everyone. But, I can tell them what I know.”


What would a few minutes of driving behind a chicken truck mean for you? For Lynn and her husband, Marc, it planted a seed. A few weeks later, the image was alive in their minds when they confronted the realities of factory farming through a front page article in The Washington Post. They immediately became vegetarian, (and eventually, vegan), and never looked back. Here, Lynn talks about lessons from her work on an animal sanctuary, adjusting to a vegetarian kitchen, and her evolving approach to sharing her choice with others.

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How to Make Your Own Condiments


Much as I love my vegan mayonnaise - on sandwiches, in potato salads, and even as a creamy dip for french fries - I always welcome ways to make my own versions of prepared goods at home.

In that spirit, check out this post on the kitchn to get two recipes for vegan mayonnaise, and reader suggestions for additional ways to make your own “copycat Veganaise.”

And, from Megan at Whole Family Fare, here’s a recipe for a vibrantly fresh homemade ketchup.

Do you make your own condiments? Share your favorite recipes in the comments below!

Recipe: Amy’s Topopo Salad

Last week, Amy shared her journey to a plant-based life with us. Today, she shares a veganized version of her favorite meal, from her favorite restaurant in college - The Topopo Salad from El Azteco.

From Amy:

“Topopo” means volcano, and as prepared at “El Az”, this is a huge salad for two people.  The Topopo Salad is presented with the salad on top of the nacho base in a big pointed mound (the volcano.)  You could add 2.5 oz vegan chicken, if you’d like.


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Meet Amy: “The world should know, vegans aren’t starving!”


Ten years ago, while working for the ACLU, Amy came to see the operations of the meat industry as a civil rights issue. She became vegetarian, and eventually, after years of battling significant gastrointestinal issues, found a near-immediate cure through veganism. Here, she talks about making sure she doesn’t trick herself into thinking vegan = healthy, choosing a diet for her dogs, and her approach to hosting non-vegans in her home.

You grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and now work for the ACLU in Maryland. When and where in that journey did you first think about...

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Jess Scone Inspires Cravings for Portland’s Sizzle Pie

Feast Your Eyes


My husband and I visited Portland one weekend in early May, and while we hit all the spots we wanted to see in two days, I truly felt like I could stay for another five just to eat. In that spirit, I am thrilled to share today’s guest post with you, from Jess Scone, of Get Sconed! & Stumptown Vegans.

I can quickly name things I dig about Sizzle Pie, the instantly hip pizzeria on Portland’s lower East Burnside: the rotating, creative variety of vegan slices on the top shelf, the astoundingly thin crusts, the (way) late night hours, the salad and slice deal ($6), the Ms....

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Savory Watermelon, 4 Ways


We hosted my cousins in Seattle the week before we moved. One of the nights they were with us, we sat around the coffee table in our living room (picnic-style, if you will), and started our meal with a Watermelon and Heirloom Tomato Salad, from Kim Barnouin’s latest, Ultimate Everyday Cookbook.

I had chosen the recipe for its simplicity, because it would let the flavors of crisp, sweet watermelon, and the ripe heirlooms blend and satisfy – particularly after a day of summer sight-seeing. Drizzled with a touch of balsamic reduction, it was perfect.

Before that...

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