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A Definitive Guide to Vegan Cheese

imagePhoto: Sweet On Veg

Giving up cheese was probably the hardest part of going vegan for me. In fact, as I’ve talked with others for our Monologues series, that is a common theme.

And, if you think about it, it makes sense. Because, (set aside where cheese comes from and focus on the food itself for a moment), cheese is smooth, gooey, and salty. It’s a key ingredient in a lot of comfort foods, foods that we positively associate with our childhood (grilled cheese), get-togethers with friends (pizza), and rainy Sunday afternoons (mac and cheese).

While going vegan used to essentially mean that your cheese-eating days were over, thankfully, as described on the All American Vegan blog:

Fast forward twenty years and not only is vegan cheese readily available and a store where you can buy it most likely conveniently located, but you actually have choices!

The husband and wife team behind the recently-released book, All American Vegan: Veganism for the Rest of Us, have put together a brief history of vegan cheese, and a pretty complete run-down of the many options we have today.

Check it out here.



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