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10 Lunch Ideas

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I couldn’t agree with more the underlying theme of today’s featured round-up from the kitchn:

Have your go-to dishes, and vary them up using sauces and spreads.

If you’re like me, you try to pack your lunch every day. But, planning for lunch isn’t like planning for dinner. Whereas there’s limited time to cook dinner, there’s even less time to prepare lunch. It has to be something easy - and for me, that means either a) a dish I don’t have to think that much about (read: a sandwich), or b) leftovers.

Now, while I can go through a week eating a sandwich every day, I am not okay with eating the same sandwich every day.

How to change it up while making the most use of my groceries? By simply changing up the spread.

So, every day, my sandwich might have some combination of spinach, tomatoes, onions, sprouts, cucumber, carrots, or bell peppers. But, one day, it’s with hummus, the next with babaganoush, and the next, with a roasted red pepper spread (all of which can be made on a Sunday, by simply throwing ingredients into the food processor).

Also, while I’m okay with eating leftovers, I want them to be the kind that keep well and taste good (or potentially even better, in the case of soups and stews that continue to develop flavor). This is exactly the thought behind salads made with couscous, farro, or quinoa. They can be a great side dish with dinner, and then the leftovers can become the main component of the next day’s lunch.

In this line of thought, the kitchn put together a round up of great lunch recipes earlier this year. I hope they inspire you to fill your lunch tote with a variety of enjoyable options.


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